Analysis of my home by jose rizal

Day, O happy day, Fair Filipinas, for thy land!

Analysis of my home by jose rizal

My first day, was a hustle ever day for me. I had over time in my first day! Because we clean the office of Mr. Ferrer the father of the owner of Greenland and we clean the container house of there. However, thanks god I assigned in 8am-5pm only.

This was the end of my first day. I learned a lot. June 28, I in hotel at eight am in the morning. I clean first the room 10, the housekeeping department stock room. After cleaning the room 10, I went in the olds kitchen to get some towels and linens to use for bedding in the make rooms and check out rooms.

After that, we started to clean the rooms as we get the rooming list of MUR and check out together with Aileen the newly hired housekeepers and Ate Maricel the veterans joke a 2 years employee in Greenland. First, we cleaned the VIP rooms because it was checking out already and there is a reservation for it.

In addition, after cleaning the VIP rooms we next cleaned the Family rooms Aileen is in-charge of cleaning the comfort room and Ate Maricel and I in beddings. And lastly, we clean the twin rooms the loyal guest of Greenland the San Miguel Company, but it was a makeup room only, we took a rest at 11am,and after took a little rest we went in the buffet area to help the waiters there, and we serve a lot of people almost packs.

Everyday will having a catering for tricycle drivers a program of mayor vergara. We eat lunch late again the buffet already at exact 3pm how was that. However, it is okay because two more hours I will go home yes… Now we are in the old kitchen together with Aileen and Ate Maricel and we arrange the linen and towels, coverlet and pillowcase.

We wait only the times come for us can out and go home.

Analysis of my home by jose rizal

I signed out at exactly 5pm. And I went home very tired… June 29, We went before 2pm. So the hotel was fully booked until tomorrow said by madam Mhai a room attendant in hotel.

So when I arrived in the hotel I do my responsibilities to finish early, I cleaned all the public areas like comfort rooms, hallway and lobby and etc.

I cleaned also the front office. And I made a empty trash in all. And I sprayed a air freshener in all part of the hotel.

So I took a rest for a while and had a snack with my new friends in the leisure park. After that we cleaned again the lobby. Lobby is the one thing I need to maintain cleanliness. So this night there was a lot of reservation of extra bed in the suite rooms and in the standard.

So with Sir Ronald we delivered and prepared it immediately. So we signed out at the exact of 10pm. So the service of the kings royal was so very late. There was a newly check-in or NCI. We helped them to their respective rooms. It was very tired to carry their luggage.

Then there was a guest ocular needed to see the villa 4. So I will be their guide to see that room. So they have a lot of questions I needed to answer.Login; My Home By Dr.


Jose essays written by dr jose rizal Rizal’s life had been an open book, but his works dedication to family essay and sacrifices seems not to achieve independence for his country and countrymen but. We’ve Got Lots of Free Essays. My home by Jose Rizal. Rizal, Liberator of the Philippines In the early morning of December 30, , 35 year old Jose’ Rizal, an indio with strong oriental features but the bearing of a.

Noli me tángere. By José Rizal. Translated by Harold Augenbraum. New York: Penguin, (in Spanish, ).

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Pp. xxix+ El filibusterismo. By José Rizal. Translated by Harold Augenbraum. New York: Penguin, (in Spanish, ). Pp. xxiii+ Barbara Celarent* University of Atlantis Like biography, fiction can be a form of social analysis. This was my first day in Greenland Leisure Suites - Analysis of the Movie "Jose Rizal" introduction.

Ma’am Josie oriented me about what I am going to do. She discussed about the policy and. Feb 18,  · My home by:Dr. Jose Rizal I had nine sisters and one father,a model of fathers,had given us an education how my brother leon brought home a.

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