Architecture thesis abstract

The images consists of simple and minimal diagrams paired with heavily textured and vegetated perspectives intentionally creating a contrast between the It has been a busy month traveling and moving Design Distill to a new office. However, I was finally able to find some time this weekend to put together two new images for the Mountain Lodge Project.

Architecture thesis abstract

Senior Thesis Abstracts The following thesis abstracts offer examples of the scholarship of the Senior Theses. Ruth Chang, The Artifice of Water: Fluidity and Fantasy in the works of Charles W.

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The thesis explores the topic in three sections: Water and fantasy as written water as theory 1placed heterotopia as places 2and shimmering fluidity as history 3. In it, Moore grapples with the architecture status quo of International modernism of the late s, using water as a strategic tool to gauge an "arid" architectural modernism.

The second chapter examines how Moore uses water in the home to introduce the experience of a heterotopia as discussed by Michel Foucault in "Of Other Spaces" in resulting in the injection of new public-domestic life in the private realm. The surface ornament as a kind of water is discussed. Ling Jun Chen, Architecture and Mimicry: The film plays on the opposition between the old quarters in Paris in reality a small town Saint-Maur 40 miles north of Paris and the Modern bourgeois suburbia of Paris.

Together with painter, architecture, set-designer Jacques Lagrange, Tati builds the full-scale Villa Arpel in inter-war Modernist style, equipped with all the latest gadgets and machineries.

While Tati started his career as a mime artist, his prominent use of mimicry lies not only in the people in his film but also the furniture, machinery and architecture. For example, in his film, there are people mimicking mimicries of themselves double mimicrypeople mimicking machines, machines mimicking people, architecture mimicking people, etc.

Through analyzing the mimicry of different aspects of Modern Architecture in his film, I attempt to develop further insight into the nature of Modern Architecture. In the process, I will analyze what it means to have order in architecture, and what happens when order transcends necessity and becomes a spectacle.

Then the third chapter looks at work, efficiency, function and leisure in the film as well as what they mean to Modern Architecture. The fourth chapter delves into Modern Architecture and its obsession with machineries.

This is exposed through the post-war French consumerism culture where sales of automobiles, household appliances, and other domestic machineries skyrocketed.

In this chapter, the themes explored include the role of machinery in human perceptions of space and time, the role mechanical objects play in the domestic life, as well as the more complex relationship of human-machine interactions, and how such interactions becomes performances in their own rights.

Last but not least, the fifth chapter looks at health and hygiene in Modern Architecture. Much of Modern Architecture originated with sanatoria and the concern with tuberculosis, and in this chapter, I look at how the origins and the concerns play into film as well as Modern Architecture in general, and how the aspect of health and hygiene often extend beyond necessity and becomes pure spectacle.

Architecture thesis abstract

From a place condemned for its density-imposed squalor and poverty, the slum has become democratized and sensationalized. It is no longer a blight to be hidden, but is now seen by planners, architects, politicians, and the everyday person as a reservoir of knowledge for city building in the formal metropolis.

These projects have made it their goal to investigate, dissect, and explicate the informal settlement, putting the humanity of high-density living on display for the world to see. But why the obsession with the slum? The thesis attempts to respond to this intrigue by focusing its study on Dharavi, a 2.

By studying the relationship between the built environment and community identities within certain neighborhoods in Dharavi, the work explores the viability of the slum as paradigm for contemporary Western planning.

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Can the lessons of the urban poor truly be extrapolated to the modern city? Or is the phenomenon of slum as salvation reflective of a more critical malady of associational life in the metropolis?Best service ever!At first I thought, I could do my own dissertation but couldn't handle after getting stuck on it for almost a year.

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DEFINING HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. The World Health Organisation now defines health not as the absence of ill-health but as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being” definition of health has been changing and now includes an awareness of the interrelationships between social and psychological, as well as medical, factors.

Depending on your discipline, the number of chapters in a dissertation may vary. Let's examine the most common case and see how we can help you! Thesis Statement: Architecture should not petrify forms, nor should it deny their existence.

The existing context and its character should be encouraged to evolve and transform, thus establishing a connected sense of being and a management of environmental change.

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