Compensation employee motivation research paper

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Compensation employee motivation research paper

Motivation is therefore the force that transforms and uplifts people to be productive and perform in their jobs. It is my intention in this essay to explore some issues around motivation and cite work based experiences to illustrate and substantiate any arguments or points of view.

Main Body Mullins classifies motivation into Intrinsic and Extrinsic types. Such methods ensure employees are constantly motivated while being engaged in activities that are enjoyable and rewarding.

I was formerly employed by a supplier of automobile parts where in addition to using compensation as a means of motivation; they too were dedicated in ensuring their employees had maximum job satisfaction. This was achieved by giving autonomy in their job functions and assigning significant responsibilities, which allowed them to be involved in the decision making for their area of expertise.

Therefore extrinsically motivated behaviours are those carried out to achieve some tangible rewards or compensation. Once again my employers excelled in designing an ideal incentive system, in their effort towards employee motivation. They already offered very competitive wages, of course on the belief that the more positive the reward the more likely the employee will be highly motivated and the better the performance Vroom, A bonus was typically a third of their net salary and with every completed year of service their bonuses would grow.

However if the employees engaged in activities detrimental to the organisations operations, such as pilfering, they would thus loose their accumulated bonus. This proved very effective in not only retaining employees but also motivating them to work towards and within the organisational parameters at maximum productivity.

It also encouraged a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organisation. Perhaps the directors were of the opinion that it may have the draw back of not being specific enough to truly motivate the employee to work hard, stay in the organisation and also comply with company practices Larcker I think however it was more to do with their fear of relinquishing ownership and the thought that the employee would reap the benefits, from their own selfless efforts and personal sacrifices over the years, to increase their share value.

As for the senior executives various other schemes were introduced depending on their value to the company and length of service. This was a powerful retaining incentive as there was no free government health service in Kenya and often medical bills amounted to huge sums.

These decisions were made by the Directors and mostly based on what was mutually beneficial and also cost effective for the company.The movement toward merit-based pay systems in the federal government, such as those seen in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Defense (DOD), is rooted in a desire to.

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Purpose: The paper empirically compares employee motivation and its impact on performance in Ghanaian Mining Companies, where in measuring performance, the job satisfaction model is used. Chapter WORKERS' COMPENSATION.

[Effective Until 9/28/] Workers' compensation definitions.. As used in this chapter: "Employee" means: Every person in the service of the state, or of any county, municipal corporation, township, or school district therein, including regular members of lawfully constituted police and fire departments of municipal corporations and townships.

Setting organizational business goals and objectives, how to put the incredible power of setting business goal alignment and setting. This landmark study is the most comprehensive analysis ever done on the effectiveness of the incentive industry and the relationship between incentives, motivation, and performance in the workplace.

The findings identify the powerful impact incentives have on increasing work performance and introduces a new, diagnostic and prescriptive model, Performance Improvement by Incentives (PIBI), that. attempts to evaluate job satisfaction of employees in different pharmaceutical companies.

It focuses on the level of apprehension related to job security among its employees. This research paper highlights some of these for performance was ranked as the number one job element for motivation. Compensation is very valuable tool.

Compensation employee motivation research paper
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