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Historical Materialism Many people have opened the Communist Manifesto, expecting to find a blueprint for an ideal world scrawled out before them. However, very little was written by Karl Marx or his associates about the supposed nature of the future world.

Jack neo essay

Sandburg, Militant, and Jack Phillips American poet, biographer, novelist, journalist, songwriter, editor, and author of children's books. The following entry presents criticism of Sandburg's works. One of America's most celebrated poets during his lifetime, Sandburg developed a unique and controversial form of free verse that captured the rhythms and color of Midwestern English vernacular.

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Sometimes dismissed for his sentimental depictions of urban and agrarian landscapes and for his simple style, Sandburg is nonetheless lauded for his rhapsodic and lyrical technique and his effective patterns of parallelism and repetition.

In Chicago Poemshis first major collection and one of his most respected works, Sandburg employed images and topics not commonly considered poetical to paint realistic portraits of ordinary people in such environments as the railroad yard, the marketplace, and the factory.

His work in Chicago Poems and a number of further collections, generally recognizable by its loosely-structured, prose-like versification, broke many of the established poetic norms of the period in terms of literary style and subject.

While Jack neo essay disparaged by critics for these offenses, Sandburg's works have since been numbered among the most influential in twentieth-century American verse, although comparatively few of his individual poems continue to be widely studied or read.

Biographical Information Sandburg was one of seven children born to Swedish immigrants in Galesburg, Illinois. Although Sandburg's parents Jack neo essay fluent in both English and Swedish, they did little to encourage their children's education in either language.

Nevertheless, Sandburg developed an interest in reading and writing but was forced to leave school at age thirteen to help supplement the family income. Before borrowing his father's railroad pass at age eighteen to visit Chicago for the first time, Sandburg drove a milk wagon, worked in a barber shop, and was an apprentice tinsmith.

He would later utilize the images and vernacular he was exposed to during such experiences to create verse reflective of daily life among the working class. After spending three and a half months traveling through Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado on the railroad, Sandburg volunteered for service in the Spanish-American War inand served in Puerto Rico.

As a returning veteran he was offered free tuition for one year at Lombard College in Galesburg, which he accepted. He studied there for four years but left in before graduating. It was at Lombard that Sandburg began to develop his talents for writing, encouraged by the scholar Philip Green Wright.

On a small hand press in the basement of his home, Wright set the type for Sandburg's first publications: These four slim volumes contain Sandburg's juvenilia and are stylistically conventional. Sandburg soon gained recognition when Harriet Monroe, editor of the progressive literary periodical Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, published six of his poems in During this time Sandburg cultivated a number of literary friendships with, among others, Edgar Lee Masters, Vachel Lindsay, Amy Lowell, and Sherwood Anderson, and gained the attention of Henry Holt and Company, the firm that was to publish his first significant volume of poetry, Chicago Poems.

This work and the five collections that succeeded it over the course of the following two decades contributed to Sandburg's rise to popular esteem, making him one of the most recognized American poets of the first half of the twentieth century.

Between and Sandburg also served as a reporter and later a columnist for the Chicago Daily News. Beginning in this period Sandburg also undertook an increasingly exhaustive schedule of lectures and public performances, in which he recited his poetry, spoke, and sang folksongs with his own guitar accompaniment.

The publication of Sandburg's Complete Poems in earned him a Pulitzer Prize, although its critical impact was scant. Having published his last collection of new poetry, Honey and Saltat the age of eight-five, Sandburg retired to his estate in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

He died there in the summer of and was subsequently honored in a National Memorial Service at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. Major Works Chicago Poems, with its humanistic rendering of urban life, place descriptions, and casual assemblage of character sketches, provides a stark but idealized view of the working class.

While Chicago Poems depicts the urban experience, Sandburg's next volume, Cornhuskersexplores the realities of agrarian life. Also included in this collection are a number of war poems that depict images of soldiers who died in conflicts previous to World War I.

Smoke and Steel addresses complex postwar issues such as industrialization and urbanization and is less optimistic and idealistic than Sandburg's earlier works. With Slabs of the Sunburnt WestSandburg began using a poetic technique in which he presented a series of images in parallel forms as well as in rough, colloquial language.

In this collection Sandburg delves into mythology, history, and universal humanism through extended use of proverbs and folk idioms. A new concentration on history foreshadowed the content of Sandburg's epic prose-poem, The People, Yes In this work Sandburg fused American colloquialisms with descriptions of historical and contemporary events to create a collection of verbal portraits of the American people.

Sandburg's Complete Poems is an accumulation of his six previous volumes of poetry, as well as seventy-two new pieces. Among Sandburg's non-poetic works, his monumental multi-volume biographies of the sixteenth U. The Prairie Years and Abraham Lincoln: The War Yearsand his autobiography entitled Carl Sandburg are considered notable contributions to their respective genres.

Although deferential to the former president, Sandburg's Lincoln biography endeavors to remedy many of the excesses of previous works on the subject and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in His Chicago Poems was upon its initial publication in greeted with mixed reaction, with many reviewers finding its subject matter startling and its prosaic poetry oddly structured.

Nevertheless, the volume proved a career-making event and is generally regarded as one of Sandburg's finest poetic achievements. Together with six subsequent volumes into the mids, Sandburg solidified his success as the most popularly known poet on the American scene.Nov 21,  · Dissertation coach dr keenan essay to broad and vague self leadership essay an essay on criticism part 1 analysis report bressay lighthouse pictures the festival of holi essay remember the titans essay on teamwork city life essay in english unemployment essays effect of climate change essay bipolar disorder research paper abstract feser neo.

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Jack Neo studies Coffee, Market Research, and Consumer Behavior.

Jack neo essay

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