Pestel analysis of bae systems

European market for combat vehicles Authors: Ivo Tokarski and Robin Vegter, Abstract This paper aims to research how BAE Systems try to gain competitive advantage, in the European market for combat vehicles, in terms of product and process innovations and how they relate this to their strategy. We have analysed secondary data in order to distinguish forces influencing the macro- meso- and micro-environment of the business.

Pestel analysis of bae systems

However, its business is affected by a wide range of factors that vary in nature. Even after the deregulation in US market, there are several nations where the aviation market is still regulated heavily.

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If Boeing has accumulated a heavy backlog then it is because of technological innovation and its other competitive advantages. Apart from government and economy, other forces affect its business and profitability. The political factors have an important role in the aviation industry and these factors can differ from nation to nation.

The political and regulatory environment is not the same across all the nations. The regulatory restrictions were eased in US in only.

However, in the world market, there are several areas where aviation is still highly regulated.

Pestel analysis of bae systems

These regulations affect the sales and business of Boeing. While air travel has grown in popularity, the level of regulation in some countries is still a hindrance to profitable business.

However, until the relationship between the governments and the industry is very friendly, the hurdles would remain. Economic factors are very important to be considered in terms of the aviation industry. The condition of the global economy and the purchasing power of the individual customers and aviation companies, has an important bearing on the revenue and profits of Boeing.

However, the industry responded with price cuts and by raising the service standards. The results have been positive and now that the recession has passed, Airlines companies are again enjoying better profits and revenue.

The industry expects consistent growth in the coming years and this means Boeing can expect faster growth owing to better economic conditions globally. Socially, the acceptance of air travel has increased. Now, more and more people are using air travel for tourism and professional travelling.

It is being considered safer. The credit goes to the manufacturers who make excellent airplanes that are better in terms of fuel consumption. This has helped the airlines companies drop prices and make air travel affordable for the masses.

Moreover, air travel is the preferred mode of transportation for the millennial generation. In the developed nations particularly, its demand is very high which is very good for Boeing.

Apart from the convenience it provides safety and affordability are also the reason behind its popularity. This demand is expected to rise further in future based on increased reliance on airlines and because of the social value such companies create.

They generate employment and provide a kind of convenience that any other mode of travel cannot afford. However, whenever there is some bad news like terrorist attacks or plane disasters it affects the entire society and in turn also the airlines companies and manufacturers.

Technology has become central to growth in the airlines industry. Its s are in demand because of the great inbuilt capabilities they have.

Pestel analysis of bae systems

They are better than other crafts in terms of fuel efficiency as well as range. Boeing produces a wide variety of models which are better than the competing crafts in terms of technology as well as design.

Apart from that, Boeing spends a lot on research and development to make its aircrafts safer and better in terms of fuel efficiency and other features. The main reason that Boeing is ahead of all is its ability of technological innovation.

It conducts a lot of research before developing its mind blowing models.Revised RAF Airlift BSC (I) our version has KPIs (key numbers) Perspective Objective KPI Target Initiatives Become preferred Tristar service provider to MoD Percentage of the total.

External industry analysis of defence Aerospace. Print Reference this 12).

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BAE systems are the leaders in the UK aerospace and defence market, having 24 percent, in which the defence sector is worth $ billion (Datamonitor [2], 8). Perhaps the most important step in indentifying the way forward and goals of the company. PESTEL analysis of BAE Systems in the shipbuilding sector in Australia Political Factors – Legislation such as the minimum wage – Voluntary codes and practices – Market regulations – Trade agreements, tariffs or restrictions – Tax .

Boeing PESTEL analysis. Boeing is one of the most well-known and powerful players in the aviation industry. It has acquired several critical capabilities and due to its technologically innovative models, the demand for Boeing’s aircrafts has increased sharply.

PESTEL analysis of BAE Systems in the shipbuilding sector in Australia Political Factors – Legislation such as the minimum wage – Voluntary codes and practices – Market regulations – Trade agreements, tariffs or restrictions – Tax levies and tax .

Pestel Analysis Of Bae Systems  BAE systems Plc BAE systems is the world’s largest multinational defense, aerospace and security company functioning worldwide with its headquarters in London.

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