Role of jan lokpal bill in

Key features of bill[ edit ] Some important features of the bill are: As a result, it will be completely independent of the government and free from ministerial influence in its investigations. Members will be appointed by judges, Indian Administrative Service officers with a clean record, private citizens and constitutional authorities through a transparent and participatory process.

Role of jan lokpal bill in

What are Recruitment Rules? Recruitment Rules are rules notified under proviso to Article or any specific statutes for post s prescribing inter alia the method of Recruitment and eligibility for such recruitment.

It contains notification part having substantive rules and schedule part as per prescribed Annexure-I. Recruitment Rules are subordinate legislation and so, they are statutory in nature.

What are Service Rules? Service Rules are Recruitment Rules for any of the Organized Central Services covering many aspects including constitution of the Service, seniority, probation and other conditions of service.

Whether Recruitment Rules are applicable retrospectively? The legal position is that the posts are to be filled up as per the eligibility conditions prescribed in the Recruitment Rules in force at the time of occurrence of vacancies unless the Recruitment Rules are amended retrospectively.

The practice has however been to give effect to the Recruitment Rules prospectively. Why are Recruitment Rules framed? Why are Recruitment Rules amended? Why and how are Recruitment Rules relaxed?

All Recruitment Rules including their amendments should be approved at the level of Minister-in-charge, unless the Minister has by general or special order delegated such approval at a lower level s. Who is competent authority to relax the Recruitment Rules of Group 'C' posts?

What are model Recruitment Rules? Model Recruitment Rules for a number of common categories of posts have been framed in consultation Role of jan lokpal bill in Union Public Service Commission, wherever required.

What is procedure for consultation with Union Public Service Commission? What is initial constitution clause in Recruitment Rules?

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Whether reservation, relaxation of age limit and other concessions for special categories of persons are applicable in Recruitment Rules. These concessions in recruitments are made applicable by inserting the following 'Saving Clause' in the covering notification of the Recruitment Rules: What is the schedule in Recruitment Rules?

RR dated 3 1. The prescribed schedule is used for post s which are not covered by any organized service. What is notification part of Recruitment Rules?

Role of jan lokpal bill in

Notification of Recruitment Rules contains the substantive rules which include the provisions related to title, date of commencement, enabling provision for applicability of schedule, disqualification clause, power to relax clause, saving clause and any other rule specific to a post viz, initial constitution clause, liability for all-India Service etc.

What are the upper age limits prescribed for Direct Recruitment? The upper age limits for different posts depend upon the nature of duties, educational qualifications and experience requirements as prescribed in this Department OM No.

What are relaxations available for upper age limit in direct Recruitment Rules? A provision is prescribed in the recruitment rules for relaxation of the upper age-limit for departmental candidates up to 40 years for appointment by direct recruitment to Groups C posts and for Government servants up to 5 years for direct recruitment to Groups A and B posts: How to calculate crucial date for age limit?

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In the case of other recruitment, the crucial date for determining the age-limit shall be the closing date for receipt of applications from candidates in India and not the closing date prescribed for those in Assam etc.

How is the educational and other qualification required for direct recruit fixed? The minimum educational qualifications and experience required for direct recruitment may be indicated as precisely as possible and if necessary, into two parts, viz.

Whether the educational qualifications prescribed for direct recruits are applicable to promotees? The educational qualifications are not generally insisted upon in the case of promotion to posts of non-technical nature; but for scientific and technical posts, these should be insisted upon, in the interest of administrative efficiency, at least in the case of senior Group A posts in the Pay Band-3 Grade Pay Rs.

Sometimes the qualifications for junior Group A posts and Group B posts may not be insisted upon in full but only the basic qualification in the discipline may be insisted upon.

Whether any age limit prescribed for promotion? Unless there are any specific grounds, the age limit prescribed for direct recruits are not insisted upon in the case of promotees. What is the duration of probation?

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The probation is prescribed when there is direct recruitment, promotion from one Group to another e. Group B to Group A or officers re-employed before the age of superannuation. There will be no probation for promotion from one grade to another but within the same group of posts e.

The period of probation is as prescribed in this Department OM No. What are the methods of recruitments?Lokpal will have Authority".DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JAN LOKPAL BILL AND DRAFT BILL Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's Ombudsman Bill) Draft Lokpal Bill () Lokpal will have powers to Lokpal will have no power to initiate suo initiate Suo motu action or motu action or receive complaints of corruption receive complaints of from the general public.

Manmohan Singh on Tuesday appealed Anna Hazare to end his fast. He wrote a letter to Anna stating that he will ask Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar if Hazare's Jan Lokpal Bill can be sent to the Standing also said that the government was concerned about Hazare's health.

The Lokpal Bill was for the first time presented during the fourth Lok Sabha in and was passed there in resulting the first death of the bill. and adopted eventually by many nations 'as a bulwark of democratic government against the tyranny of officialdom'. Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's Ombudsman Bill) is a draft anti-corruption bill drawn up by prominent civil society activists, seeking the appointment of a Jan Lokpal, an independent body that would investigate corruption cases, complete the investigation within one year and conduct trials for the case within the next year.

About Chief Minister According to the Indian Constitution, the elected head of the council of ministers in a state is the Chief Minister (CM). Although, the Governor is the official 'head of the state', yet it is the Chief Minister who is vested with the 'de facto' executive powers.

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The no-confidence motion backed by the Opposition parties like TDP and Congress will be taken up in the Lower House on Friday. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan made an announcement in this regard after the Lok Sabha reconvened at pm. Watch LIVE News, Latest Updates, Live blog, Highlights and Live coverage online at

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