The best tool to watch the heavens

There are, in fact, three heavens and understanding each one is vitally important to how we should live our lives today and how we think about eternity. Is there biblical backing for the reality of The Three Heavens? John, the Revelator, was taken in a vision to the same paradise Jesus spoke of.

The best tool to watch the heavens

And as I lay there in the darkness trying to retrieve a dream, I become aware of the constant droning in my head. After twenty minutes, unable to get back to sleep — let alone recover the dream — I get up to use the bathroom.

I take a sip or two of water, go back to bed and try to settle for sleep. But the droning noise persists, swelling and fading but never ceasing. What makes it worse is that I know the cause. After an hour or so I concede defeat, take a shower and dress.

Downstairs, I make coffee and as I drink it I look out of the window. As dawn begins to break my suspicions are proved. In the sky there are scores of trails and struggling in the distance just above the horizon a weak sun shines. It resonates with the thickening sky and just like deadly nightshade, the colours are vibrant and strangely beautiful but indicative of the pure poison that lies within.

This small golden glow will be short lived. Most people, still sleeping, will not see the sun at all today.

The best tool to watch the heavens

I grab my camera and venture outside to get some pictures see above. It looks like an air display has just finished. I admit I have failed miserably at educating my neighbours on the subject of geoengineering.

Such is the extent of their hubris. For the sake of affability it is now, for the moment, a taboo subject. Daybreak plus a couple of hours and the sky is white. We walk around under this heavy, oppressive, foggy umbrella feeling heavy and oppressed ourselves but nobody asks where the sky went or why we only see the sun once or twice a week.

It lowers our moods and our stature, curbs our smiles and deprives us of valuable vitamin D. Other people in other countries live under different — but similarly unnatural skies.

I have come to realise that you could write obscenities in the sky in capitol letters and no one would notice — because no one ever looks up. I laughed out loud when I read it.

I mean, how much more obvious does it have to be before people start to wake up? The geoengineering deniers would have us believe that the trails are just the result of normal flight. I live in a small county town.

Does the picture above represent normal air traffic? I mean, come on! What the hell were they doing up there? I could drill down into the fine details here, about contrail science, aerosol dispersal patents and hockey stick temperature charts.

But sadly, I know that by now I have already lost half the readers of this article — because we live in an age of apathy. War weary, recession weary, corruption weary and political promise weary. We are told we must further tighten our belts as the bankers gamble with our savings and pay themselves yet more bonuses.

But face the truth we must if we are to survive into the near future. That means holding the people responsible to account for their reckless attitudes and abuses of privileges right across the board — and that takes some courage and determination.Kingdom Disciples: Heaven's Representatives on Earth [Tony Evans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Where have all the disciples gone? There is a missing force in Christianity today. It’s a critical one. cathy heaven videos, page 1, free sex videos.

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