The importance of social class in xala a novel by ousmane sembne

A Long Look Back: This article examines development education DE from the perspectives of content, methodology and audiences, and looks at issues of funding and coordination, concluding with some reflections on how a review of past omissions and weaknesses may be of help to the sector in forging newer partnerships, innovative outreach delivery, and greater emphasis on activism and political engagement.

The importance of social class in xala a novel by ousmane sembne

The complete review 's Review: He already has two wives and eleven children between thembut these wives had lost the "savour of fresh fruit" that young N'Gone offers, and she's a temptation he can't resist.

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Wives one and two are not so thrilled by the new competition, but things turn out worse for everyone involved than expected when El Hadji finds himself unable to consummate the marriage. Everything seems in working order, but then it isn't, and the diagnosis is clear: This impotence hits him where it hurts, a blow to his ego and manhood that he doesn't know how to handle.

Here is a man straddling two cultures: El Hadji Abdou Kader Beye was what one might call a synthesis of two cultures: Like his peers, he made skilful use of his dual background, for their fusion was not complete. A successful businessman, he knows how to work the local system. It could be called geographical polygamy, as opposed to rural polygamy, where all the wives and children live together in the same compound.

In the town, since the families are scattered, the children have little contact with their father.

Raised in French-ruled Senegal

The mother has to look after the children's education, so academic achievement is often poor. Naturally, his xala affects every aspect of his life, especially since he is so focused on finding a cure that he spends huge sums while earning little moneyoverextending himself.

The importance of social class in xala a novel by ousmane sembne

Eventually, even his fellow businessmen aren't willing to put up with his overdrafts, emasculating him as a businessman as well. He tries both scientific cures as well as traditional cures -- "we are in Africa, where you can't explain or resolve everything in biochemical terms.

Among our own people it's the irrational that holds sway" -- and his desperation increases, leading to the tragic end in which he is completely debased. Part-allegory, and several parts social critique, addressing both polygamy and its effects on families, as well as the corruption of the rising business class after independence, Xala hits its targets reasonable well, but is not a particularly well-told story; an often awkward translation see just the quotes in this review doesn't help either.


The narrative in the film version, more tightly focused on the moral corruption of the businessmen, is more successful. Orthofer, 15 November Extract of sample Xala by Sembene Ousmane.

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Xala is a fast moving work by Sembène which is certain to keep the attention of readers. The controversial nature of the work, circling a man's impotance will keep students attention. The work also provides a vast arena in which to .

Sembne's feature films alternated between dead-serious social causes and satires of light and dark tones. His last film, the acclaimed Moolaad (), dealt with the fractious opposition to the African tradition of female genital mutilation, which makes it a companion piece of sorts to the more phallocentric Xala.

Finally, all assume that class constitutes a basic component of the social order (as I have made it a common component of social space). To understand the major social divisions in society, patterns of interaction, and conflict is to understand class.

Sembène Ousmane's Xala: The Use of Film and Novel as Revolutionary Weapon Abstract Sembène Ousmane'sXalawas written as a novel and made into a film in It is a biting attack upon the newly risen bourgeois class that has ascended to power and wealth in Senegal since independence.

Ananiya Alick Ponje: A Review of Xala, a Novel by Sembene Ousmane