What makes me a true filipino essay

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What makes me a true filipino essay

What makes me a true filipino essay

This thus makes Filipino psyche the receptacle of a number and even contradictory influences and cultures, which make the Filipino a unique race in a single category. Having been a colony of Spain for four centuries, the Philippines has imbibed Spanish religiosity and personal restraint.

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Having been an American colony for half a century, the Philippines has likewise retained American preferences and taste. Despite alien influences, the native attributes of hospitality, humility and honorableness persist and make Pinoys memorable.

The present Republic of the Philippines was first referred to as the Philippine Islands when it was discovered by Spanish colonizers under Ferdinand Magellan in March, The country's 7, islands are located in the Pacific Rim of Southeast Asia with a total land area ofmiles.

It consists of three archipelagos, namely Luzon as the largest; Mindanao, the second largest; and the Visayas. Filipino Culture From their original Malay culture, Filipinos went through centuries of change because of the different races, which colonized them.

They were ceded to Spain as its colony for years, then the British briefly in the early 20th century and the Americans after World War II. They have hence become a mix of cultures, races and ideas Lloyd, ; Living in the Philippines, ; Shvoong, Centuries of Spanish colonialism fostered the commonly observed guilt attitude, fear of God and stringent concern for an acceptable appearance.

Americans have left a deep impress in Filipinos too. American military presence has installed the characteristic consumerism on Filipinos. Almost all Filipinos dream of the U. As the Promised Land. They too now play or enjoy basketball like the Americans, eat or prefer American foods and own more cellular telephones than bank accounts.

Even poor farmers pay a few but precious pennies to send a text message to a friend across the field Lloyd, Living in the Philippines, Shvoong. Main Filipino Traits Hospitality Filipinos have traditionally been known for their hospitality.

They remain among the most warm-hearted, kindest and hospitable people in the world Lloyd, Travelers will always be invited into the house as an honored guest and given the best inside it. Travelers become instant celebrities who are introduced to everyone in the house and in the neighborhood.

Family members will always be on hand for assistance and entertainment Loyd. The typical Pinoy, a term referring to the Filipino, is always eager to share their meal, whether at a party, in the office or at the neighborhood Borlongan, He is not only quick to offer what he has, he also does not enjoy his food or drink unless he shares it with a guest or companion.

His hospitality can even go out of bounds. He can and does throw parties and serve lots of foods and even insist that visitors should eat some more. After the party, he insists that his guests should bring home what is left of the sumptuous meal. In other instances, the Pinoy is always eager to help those in need and offer things he himself needs, considering that a big percentage of Filipinos live in poverty.

Visitors are always welcomed in their homes and hearts. Tourists and visitors so remember Filipinos' trait of hospitality that they say they visit the Philippines because of the friendliness and hospitality of its people Borlongan.

Their hospitality can also be a strange to foreign visitors who want their own time.

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Filipinos are simply too much around them. Another trait, which foreign visitors find difficult to comprehend, is the tendency or habit of drifters who just hang around with nothing in particular to do Lloyd.

Humility Filipinos are also modest and humble and often in an odd way Borlongan, When they are praised for an accomplishment, they decline the complement or say that someone else deserves it more.

Even when they are clearly accomplished, they either do not openly show off or they again say that someone else has more than they. Showing off or simply acknowledging what they actually possess is something they at times feel too guilty to do.

The inculcated value of gratitude is so strong that those who migrate to other countries perpetually send back their earnings and goods to relatives back in the Philippines. They also save a lot from their hard-earned income in another country so they can visit their families and friends in the Philippines despite having settled in a foreign country Borlongan.Download "Filipino Culture" Essay ( Words)!

☘ country is a collection of more than 7, islands where the East and West cultures amalgamate. This thus makes Filipino psyche the receptacle of a. While being creative is not an exclusive trait possessed only by Filipinos, what makes ours distinct is the artistry, expressiveness, spontaneity, and humor that altogether define Filipino creativity.

Let me explain what a pinoy is, it is a Filipino boy and a pinay is a Filipino girl. Filipino's be representing especially with the little flags in their car window like me. The type of cars that you would usually see those flags are in those little rice rockets called Hondas.

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What makes me a true filipino essay

What Makes Me a True Filipino;. I Am Proud of My Filipino and Chamorro Culture Essay; Essay I am a Filipino Through the Eyes of an American Citizen This is true for many people, because some of them don’t know their culture or their families’ history.

People of color, especially many minorities who are born in America (second generation) tend to not learn their.

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